Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

“This is what I believe to be true. You have to do everything you canYou have to work your hardest. And if you do, if you stay positive, then you have a shot at a silver lining.”
- Matthew Quick, Silver Linings Playbook

4 years in "the bad place".
Many letters.
1 goal, Nikki.

Pat Peoples has been taken away from his family. He has landed himself in a metal hospital. He is obsessed with fitness and getting his ex wife, Nikki, back. 

After he gets out Pat has to hurdle many obstacles one being the charming, sex driven Tiffany Maxwell.

Run. Dance. Fight. Will there be a silver lining?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Today is Leonard Peacock's birthday. It's also the day he's going to kill his former best friend, and then himself. 

Leonard has lived a sad life. Just saying his name could make anyone instantly sad. 

He has a mother who believes he's just pretending, a neighbor who watches Bogart films with him, a friend(ish) who plays the violin, a love interest, an enemy and a history teacher. He has presents for all of them.

This book contains 3 letters to his future self, 6 gifts and a whole lot of depression.

Reading this book made me feel sad alongside Leonard. This is now one of my favorite books at the moment and it's a very quick read. 

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
- Matthew Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

Monday, December 22, 2014

Six Months Later by Natalie D. Richards

 Moral of the story: don't fall asleep in class.

She fell asleep and woke up six months later...

When Chloe falls asleep in study hall she can't seem to remember her boyfriend, her good grades, or why her best friend hates her. The only person who does think her memory wasn't of natural causes is Adam Reed, whom she is head of heels for, but doesn't remember why.

When I first read this book I honestly was confused. It's just one of those books that you really need to pay attention to the details, but by the end of the book everything just fell together amazingly. This book left me wanting more.

"My memory decides to have some sort of massive file corruption and these are the months I missed? What about my years in braces? Or the summer my dog and my grandmother died a month apart? No, I get to miss the six months that turned my life from train wreck into perfection. Lovely."
- Natalie D. Richards, Six Months Later

Broken Silence by Natasha Preston (Book Two of Two)

Warning: This review contains spoilers from the first book.

Oakley, her Mother, and her brother, Jasper have lived in Australia for four years since the truth came out. She decided bravely to move back to england for the trials. Not only will she have to face her backstabbing father, but she will also have to face Cole with the chance that he may never forgive her. But how could he forgive her when she can't forgive herself?

I liked this book just as much as the first. It really showed how much silence has affected Oakley's life and how different it was for her to be talking. I never get bored of Natasha's books and I can't wait for her to print more. 

Note: There has been an extra added to these books. The author has decided to created a little look at Cole and Oakley's Christmas with their two kids, Everleigh and Bentley, about 5 years after this book. It is free on amazon and iBooks.

"Even the things that look broken beyond repair have a chance at being whole again. It just depends how much you want to rebuild it."
- Natasha Preston, Broken Silence

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Silence by Natasha Preston (Book One of Two)

Cole has loved Oakley Farrell for as long as he can remember. 

She hasn't said a peep since the age of 5 and no one knows why.

He still loves her, no matter what.

Because of her lack of words she has been bullied ever since, and only has Cole and her brother, Jasper, as protection. 

Cole and Oakley spend a lot of time together, but he still hasn't figured it out...

"Silence consumed my whole life; it suppressed things I could never expressMy silence was responsible for my family's happiness. Silence was my prison"
- Natasha Preston, Silence

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

14 kids. 12 days. Hopefulness and hopelessness. 

What would you do if you were trapped inside a greenway store (a supermarket) with your brother, two bullies, a mother-like figure, a provocative eighth grader, a boy scout, the girl of your dreams, and six little kids?

It was a normal school day for Dean. Little did he know he might never see his mom and dad again or the rest of the city for that matter. After facing a large hail storm and a 8.2 earthquake, Dean finds himself in  a greenway store with 13 other people and their bus driver. The bus driver heads out to seek help leaving the 14 kids by themselves. No adults. No supervision. No hope.

They spend their days making the green way their home. Completed with "The Train" aka their living area, and a full functioning kitchen.

After inviting strangers into their temporary home they find trust isn't always a virtue. What happens following that is unbelieveable. 

Our 9th grade english class read this book together and we are in the process of reading the second book, Sky On Fire, in the series of 3. I absolutely loved this book and I'm excited to continue the story.

"Sometimes, when you'd least expect it, the grief would chop your legs out from under you."
- Emmy Laybourne, Monument 14

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan

"How many hours he'd spent lying on his back with a ruler balanced on his hipbones. How he'd wake to the sound of his stomach growling, ecstatic because it meant his body was eating itself."
- Sherry Shahan, Skin And Bones

Shahan beautifully captures the depths of an eating disorder. I literally felt like I was battling anorexia along side Jack or "Bones".

Bones was shoved into a Eating Disorders Unit, and into a room with an overeating "Tub Of Lard". His next door neighbor is an ultra thin, beautiful ballerina named Alice. The three spend the six weeks they have in the unit breaking rules, putting pieces of a story together, and fighting their diseases (sorta).

A fun night turns tragic when Alice suddenly goes missing and it leaves the readers wondering where she went, how she got there, and why is it so easy for the kids in the unit to access their cars.